From the chess of boards to the chess of minds!!

The unseen hand!

I participated in a week-long Silence program of the Art of Living from 1st May to 7th may held at our beautiful ashram in the outskirts of Bangalore. In the very first session, we were asked by Gurudev to write poetry in our free time. At first i did not take it so seriously but as he insisted I thought I should at least attempt. This is what I managed. The Unseen Hand As I was looking for a sign,

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Science vs Spirituality

There is a thin line between superstitious believes and traditional practices. In India since time immemorial there have been several practices which appear to be outright weird but have a solid scientific base. Use of turmeric in food, applying chandan on forehead, the right direction to keep the head while sleeping and several such practices have recently been scientifically proven to be immensely beneficial...

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