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Questions to Self

In the waking state, a lot of our time is spent in questioning. Consciously and unconsciously we are questioning other people’s actions, words, events and sometimes our own fate. Most of the times these questions are born out of misery and persisting with such questions leads to more misery. But the question is, is questioning all that bad? What are those questions that can give us direction & lead us out of misery?

Every time when Gurudev is asked, “What is the purpose of my Life?” HE never gives a direct answer. In fact HE says, Just be with this question. This question itself is a tool to go deeper and rise up above the mundane. But how often do we sincerely ask this question to ourselves?

Would’nt the quality of our life transform if we stop and ask ourselves what do we really want and why we want it? instead of blindly chasing our desires? The goal of every desire is happiness. At times we are so convinced that the fulfillment of our desires will lead to happiness that we go through an entire lifetime without questioning this basic assumption. Ok, if I get what I want, will it really make me happy? if Yes, for how long? Is it really worth all the feverishness and anxiety?

What is the real worth of all my cravings? What is such a big deal about feelings if they keep on changing all the time?  If this body itself is perishable why so much fuss about physical attraction and desperation to look good? If emotional pain is just a transient sensation why such a hurry to get rid of it? Who am I? Who is the experiencer of all experiences? If death is inevitable how seriously should life be taken? Who is the witness? what is the source of all these thoughts? Is there something that does not change? Why do I get so excited if all the fleeting pleasant feelings which i am running after are just caused by movement of prana?

These questions play a pivotal role in Challenging basic assumptions and can shake off conditioned living. These questions reconnect us with ourselves.

Instead of questioning and demanding answers from others, its better to direct such fundamental questions to ourselves and stay “Answer “less” 🙂

Jai Gurudev!

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  1. Wowwww! Never thought of who is the witness… it’s eye opening! Thank u bhaiya for sharing these wonderful thoughts…

  2. Ausom artickle Roshmin Paulker.

  3. Mind-blowing article, I was standing when I started reading and by the end of it I was sitting in the chair..

  4. Rashmin just keep writing! Such a gift you have.. and the words bring such a lovely silence to the mind..

  5. Thoughtful!

  6. Bhaiya, the article is eye-opening on what is the right type of questioning, and you have protracted in a simple, clear and concise manner. Thank you very much Bhaiya.

  7. Questions made us evolve! and Alive. Punah Punah. Rashmin Bhaiyya superb article, inspires to pursue the path with vigor.

  8. Mind blowing article. Questioning leads to the root cause of your misery and makes you free from it. This is what I learnt from this. Thanks bhaiya☺️

  9. So insightful and thought-provoking. Thank you for being an unending source of inspiration to us.

  10. Such an amazing piece bhaiya.. came to me at a perfect time. Such highest knowledge you put in such simple words.

  11. So well worded Rashmin. From early childhood our curiosity makes us question people and things around us but as we grow we definitely need to direct some questions to ourselves and explore for answers within. Beautifully explained.

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