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Embrace the Emptiness

The first five minutes set the tone. “What’s happening now?” HE asked and sat still without saying a word for the next few minutes. The 5500 strong audience in the NSCI dome in Worli, Mumbai was instantly subjected to an experience beyond words. The vibrant stillness of HIS presence encompassed the dome. Infinity was being Unveiled through perceivably deeper meditations and profound wisdom delivered with mind boggling simplicity.

Unveiling Infinity - Embrace the emptiness - Vigyan Bhairav

Somehow, out of all the amazing knowledge Gurudev shared, one thing hit me very hard. It stayed with me and has lingered on. Just these three words, “Embrace the Emptiness“! That was an AHO! Moment for me.

I just realised that most of our mental effort is to fill up the Emptiness, either with some activity, a relationship or indulging in pleasures. These futile attempts to fill up Emptiness leads to nothing but frustration. I resist the Emptiness. Emptiness is scary, Emptiness is uncomfortable. Resistance to Emptiness kindles the pleasure seeking tendencies and the running around starts with the hope of attaining unending joy. This consistent effort to fill up Emptiness with people and objects is tiresome and frustrating because NOTHING can fill up the Emptiness. Then the mind takes a momentary break and once again experiences Emptiness. The moment it’s confronted by Emptiness it again starts attempting to fill it up! For God knows since how many lifetimes we are caught up in this vicious cycle.
Embrace the Emptiness” said Gurudev. So beautiful. Training the mind to be with that Emptiness and move through it until I realise that I am the source, I am infinity.  I do not need anything to be happy because I am happiness. I am sure it will need lot of courage and faith to even begin to willingly Embrace the Emptiness and experience Infinity.
I feel extremely blessed to have been even introduced to this path and atleast started off on this journey that has made me aware of the possibility of rising above the monotony of the mundane and to experience something beyond….
Jai Gurudev!

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  1. Reading this, gave me a glimpse of what it is to experience ‘Embracing the emptiness’.

    1. Aho!
      So we’ll put 🙂

  2. Wow! So well explained the depth of just three words. Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. So beautifully expressed…

  4. Of all the wonderful wisdom, Gurudev spoke about on those 3 magical days, this almost dodged through my memory. Thanks for reminding about it 🙂 Truly even realising about this emptiness and acknowledging its existence is a blessing.

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